Town League


Boys and girls grades 4-9.

All Town games are played on Sundays at Abigail Adams Middle School. Each team will have one practice/week.

Player Evaluations at WHS on Saturday 11/13. All registered players get placed on a team, we just want to make the teams as even as possible. If you really can't make your time, just come later or earlier.

NO ONE will be placed on a team formally or informally without registering. If we allow this, then our system gets messed up and we make errors that affect everyone.

Evaluation times by grade

4th: 8 - 8:30

5th: 8:35-9:05

6th: 9:10-9:40

7th: 9:45-10:15

8/9: 10:20-10:50

Remember, anytime players or spectators are in schools, they need to wear masks!

Town practices start 1/4/22. The first games are 1/9/22. We are still working on the game schedule.