Town League


Boys and girls grades 4-9.

All typical games are on Sundays, though we are going to try to have a few special Friday night games for Hennelley teams.

Hennelley (4th/5th) plays at Abigail Adams Middle School.

Division II (6th/7th) and Leighton (8th/9th) play at Weymouth HS.

It is unlikely we will be able to makeup any snow cancellations. When school is closed, basketball is closed.

Remember, anytime players or spectators are in schools, they need to wear masks!

The best way to see the schedule is to download the LeagueApps Play app. Make sure you use the same email you used to register your player. The app will show you the roster, the schedule, and a team chat.

Town practices start 1/4/22. Your coach will email you.
The first games are 1/9/22. Click on the schedule button.